JoJo Knows RV's (TBA)


In JoJo KNOWS RV’s, The Schlossenberg’s are planning their first RV vacation and everyone is ready to go but…JoJo. With Brian wanting to leave on time, Chase, excited to camp, visit local attractions and swim the only family member unsure of what to do on this vacation is JoJo. From accidentally destroying the interior (modern Amelia Bedelia), to immediately resolving the chaos with some guidance from Brian, the trip starts out a disorganized mess. In the end with helpful advice, sticking up for one another and the willingness to grow as people, JoJo KNOWS RVs is created. Follow this family from the time they leave their home to the time they return and experience all of their whack family planning, lesson learned, fun and possible kafuffle’s one family could experience in a weekend. Introducing Brian, JoJo, Chase and Freddie (family dog) with a special vocal guest appearance from “PaPa Norm”.