Hello & Welcome to Schloss Publishing.

When onward and upward, straight and narrow and keep moving forward are the only traits known, you are left with no choice but to build your own house, to house your art.

Schloss Publishing was created out of a need.

For years our family has been growing and have seemingly blended together. Through these experiences; inspiration and love have motivated me to restore my pen.

We went the traditional route of trying to ask for assistance to bring the concept of our fun stories to life by reaching out to the traditional publishing houses. Unfortunately, sometimes traditional routes have a way of slowing production, to a halt.

Reading, learning and educating is something that will always need to be in a steadfast lane. Having said that, no longer wanting to take the traditional route, as it pertains to representation we decided as a family we would start our own Publishing company. Welcome to Schloss Publishing!

Integrity, character, honesty and professionalism is what this company stands for and that is who we are.

Excited for the future!